Technical Support

Contact Technical Support

Teledyne Paradise Datacom offers support services world-wide. Our dedicated customer support engineers aim to turn around all warranty repairs in less than 10 working days.

If you have purchased your equipment from any of our distributors, please make any initial call to them. If necessary, our distributor will put you in contact with us directly.

For units purchased directly from Teledyne Paradise Datacom, send an e-mail to Teledyne Paradise Datacom Technical Support and include the following information:

1. Equipment model number
2. Equipment serial number
3. Description of the problem
4. Your name and contact information (phone, e-mail)

Returning Equipment for Service

Service / RMA
It is essential that an accurate description of the units fault is provided on the "Fault Report Sheet". A completed "Fault Report Sheet" must be returned with the equipment.

For modem units being returned to the UK, please follow the instructions detailed in the Modem Warranty Guidance document.

Please ensure you detail:

  • Exactly how the fault shows itself, specifically including the status display on the unit LCD. If you think the product is at fault, but it indicates a good status, please explain why you suspect the product.
  • Were there any other circumstances which preceded or accompanied the fault occurrence? A diagram of the system in which the equipment is operating may be useful, and may help us to resolve the fault quickly.

Return Check List
In the case you need to return products directly to Teledyne Paradise Datacom, the following should be included:

  • The product in its original packaging. Please note: No liability will be accepted for products returned in anything other than the original packing in which the products was supplied.
  • This invoice is for customs purposes only and has no commercial value as the unit is being returned for repair under IPR authorisation number: IP/0906/244/09. Please state on your invoice the true value of the unit, as this will cover you for insurance purposes. When returning modems to the UK, the goods on the invoice are covered by commodity code: 8517 501000 (For P300/P400/Modems) or 8517 509000 (Evolution Modems, PD25). Refer to the Modem Warranty Guidance document for other modem commodity codes.
  • A completed¬†Fault Report Sheet or Modem Warranty Guidance document (UK modem returns only)