Modem Software Notice

Evolution/Vision/Quantum Series Modem Software Notice

This procedure allows an Evolution/Vision/Quantum/Q- Series modem to be upgraded with the latest version of software.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Modem currently has software version 1.9.9 or earlier, or if your modem is fitted with an IP traffic card, please contact technical support prior to attempting a SW upgrade as additional steps may be necessary.

Failure to follow this procedure could render the modem unuseable!


  1. The compact flash in the modem has a special piece of software called the fallback image that is used to recover when an upgrade fails. It is essential that this is upgraded priorto any upgrade or downgrade as older versions of the fallback image are less reliable with newer versions of modem software. This is done as follows:

    1. Download the file to your PC using the link at the bottom of this page. Extract the two files fbupgrade.exe and fbimage from the zip file and into a folder on your PC. If you are using a previously downloaded version of the upgrade utility, please check that this is the latest version on the Teledyne Paradise website, as this is updated periodically. The upgrade utility must be used to upgrade Modems which currently have software version V1.7.4 or higher.
    2. Connect your PC to the modem M&C Ethernet interface using a straight CAT5E Ethernet cable, ensuring the modem has an IP address compatible with the PC (i.e. on the same subnet). (The modem IP address can be set via the Main/Edit/Unit/M&C/IP address and subnet mask options.)
    3. On your PC, open a DOS Command Prompt Window (select Start, Run and enter cmd) and change the directory to the location of the downloaded files.
    4. At the command prompt enter: fbupgrade
    5. You should see a PC screen similar to the following after which the modem will automatically restart:

      Please note: If the transfer does not start, or only partially completes, please switch off the Windows Firewall during the upgrade process)

  2. Download the latest modem software to your PC using the link at the bottom of this page. Please read the Notes below at this stage.
  3. From Internet Explorer, browse to the modem’s Edit/Unit/Upgrade web page. A login is required (the default user name is admin and the default password is paradise).
  4. A Java applet will appear within the page and present the user with an Open button. Select the Open button and browse to and double click the software .zip file that was downloaded. The upgrade will begin automatically. Leave the modem to upgrade and restart before attempting any further action. This will take around 10 minutes.
  5. After completion the Modem will re-boot. If the LCD contrast needs to be adjusted, hold the 0 key pressed whilst using the up / down arrows to set a comfortable contrast.

Important Notes!


Note 1: Prior to starting an upgrade, please ensure that none of the following files appear on either the PC desktop or within the User profile directory as a result of a previous failed upgrade:

UImage CF.img.gz U-boot.bin

To check the location of the User profile directory please go to the DOS command prompt and type: cd %USERPROFILE%

This will display the location of the directory used by the previous upgrade. Use Windows Explorer or similar to navigate to both this directory and the desktop and ensure that all three files are deleted if present.

Also check that you have permission as a remote user to upgrade the modem by ensuring Takeaway mode is selected via the Main/Edit/Unit/M&C/Control menu option.

Note 2: You may need to delete the Java Cache temporary Internet files if the Java will not load at the point of starting the software download. To do this go to Control Panel, select Java, select Temporary Internet Files and Delete Files. Restart the Browser session.

Note 3: If Internet Explorer is timing out whilst loading the browser, delete the Browser history. Under the Tools menu, select Delete Browsing History ....

Note 4: There is a potential problem with the latest Java update; version 6 update 10 (build 1.6.10-b33) which causes java to hang when loading the upgrade screen. This problem occurs with Internet Explorer 6 & 7 and Firefox version 3. (Firefox 2 is ok.)

To resolve the problem; on your PC go to Control Panel, select Java, select the Advanced tab and open the Java Plug-in section. Un-check the tick box entitled Enable the next-generation Plug-in. The browser needs to be restarted for the change to take affect.

Note 5: In order for the upgrade procedure to work, please ensure that the TCP Acceleration feature is disabled.


Modem Software Downloads


The files contained in are to be used with the current version of the Evolution software.

Right click and Save As...

Modem Software Release Notes

Version 3.0.62